Succeeding Is Believing

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Yaniv Aviran, I'm 27yrs old, living near Haifa, Israel. By profession, I'm a freelance copywriter, entrepreneur and columnist, inspirational and motivational speaker. Oh yeah, I also have a progressive muscular dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type 2.

During my early childhood, I made the most important decision of my life. I decided there was no reason that my disability, as difficult as it may have been, would prevent me from fulfilling all my dreams and would stop me from being truly happy with my life. Although I was placed in a special school, together with children who suffer from mental retardation and autism, I fought to break out from that destiny and integrate in an ordinary school with ordinary kids, excel in anything I choose to do, including school and enjoy my life just like any other kid in my age.

Inspirational Speaker, Motivational SpeakerIt wasn't easy, yet I came victorious, proving to myself and others that there was no goal which I couldn't achieve. Over and over again, I overcame the obstacles and prejudice of society, understanding that there was no limit to the human spirit. Today, I am an owner of a successful business; I have a lot of true friends. I go out enjoy myself with my friends, travel around the world and coach people to fulfill their own wishes, under the moto that everything is really possible – if one only believe in oneself.

During my talks, I share the story of my life and show the audience how easy it is to reach one wishes and dreams, and be successful. Open and full of humor talk, which show my audience how a starting point is actually a minor detail while being an out of the box pathfinder is the most important thing.

Just a few simple tools and insights I gathered during my life, will help you understand that my story is only an example, and you can achieve any dream you dream too.

You can click here to read my blog on The Huffington Post

I'd love to come and to share my experience with you.

Unfortunately, in the meanwhile this blog is written only in Hebrew. You can click here to use Google Translate for this website. It's not always accurate but it worth a try.

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